The new Dell XPS 13 Plus looks strikingly futuristic

The new laptop will go on sale in the spring for $1,199.

Dell’s XPS 13 has proven to be one of the most popular laptops you can buy, and it’s getting a big refresh at CES 2022. Today, the company took the wraps off the new XPS 13 Plus which refreshes the machine from top to bottom, and it makes some risky bets in the process.

One look at this laptop and it’s immediately clear that Dell wants it to stand out. The entire form factor is much flatter and squared off than past XPS laptops, and the silver aesthetic adds to its futuristic appeal. The keyboard is spread to either side of the machine’s base with no visible space between the keys, and the trackpad is nowhere to be found thanks to its hidden placement below the glass palm rest.

This is certainly different from what we’re used to seeing on laptops, but it nonetheless looks stunning. Dell says users should be able to adapt to the new keyboard layout just fine thanks to its 1mm of travel, and muscle memory will play a role in remembering where you can click with the trackpad without having to find it first.

The Functions are also incredible different compared to the XPS 13. The XPS 13 Plus opts for capacitive buttons that are all too reminiscent of Apple’s Touch Bar on previous MacBook Pros. None of the buttons can change their function besides flip between a control and a traditional F-key, but it’s certainly an odd way to implement the keys especially since Apple just ditched the Touch Bar for physical Function buttons on their latest laptops.

Regardless, the new Function row adds to the incredibly modern design language Dell strives for with the XPS 13 Plus. Whether all of these design quirks will be worth spending money on remains unknown, but there’s a great deal of hype around testing the laptop in the tech journalist community so we should know sooner than later.

The XPS 13 Plus comes with specifications perfectly suited for 2022. There’s a 13.4-inch 16:10 display that can be configured with an OLED panel and 3456×2160 resolution (it’s also touch-enabled). Under the hood, you’ll find Intel’s 12th-generation P-series processors, up to 2TB of storage, and up to 32GB of DDR5 RAM. You also get Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, and a 55Whr battery (although Dell didn’t provide any endurance estimates).

Overall, the XPS 13 Plus looks like an exciting laptop, one that could either stain the XPS series’ reputation or further propel its success. We’ll have to see how people react to it when it launches this spring.

Dell says the laptop will start at $1,199 and be available in Platinum and Graphite finishes.