Nintendo Releases Mario Kart Tour Beta for Android

After accepting registrations for the game late last month, Nintendo has finally started rolling out the first Android beta version of its latest mobile game, Mario Kart Tour. The game serves as a similar title to past Mario Kart games in which you navigate your way around a course while playing as one of your favorite Super Mario characters. I was accepted as a beta tester so I was able to grab plenty of screenshots for you to check out below.

The game is pretty simple. All you do is drag your finger left or right to steer while in a course. There’s also an option in the settings menu that lets you tilt your phone left or right to steer. I like the tilting option better since it feels like your playing Mario Kart with an old Wii controller, except in portrait.

You’ll find a variety of courses in Mario Kart Tour from devices including the Wii, DS, 3DS, SNES, and GameCube. You can rack up points, coins, stars, emeralds, and more to use for digital purchases within the app. Of course, Nintendo also has some features behind pay walls like extra hearts that require real money. Hey, it’s gotta turn a profit somehow, right?

I’ve only been playing the game for about 45 minutes, and I’m already a fan. A few kinks will have to be worked out before it rolls out to the public, but it’s a beta, so I can’t necessarily beat on it too hard.

Mario Kart Tour will launch on Android and iOS this June.