NFL Kickoff 2022 suffers widespread outages on streaming platforms, including Sunday Ticket

Many users have reported trouble with signing into services, streaming games in their market, and more during Week 1 of the season.


If you were one of the millions of football fans tuning into an NFL game today and had issues watching it, you’re not alone.

The first Sunday of the 2022-2023 NFL season was met with widespread outages across various streaming platforms, such as Sunday Ticket and the NFL’s own NFL+. While most (if not some) of those issues have been resolved, it’s no secret that one of the most stream-heavy seasons of NFL football has fumbled out of the gate.

Sunday Ticket, NFL+, and RedZone all had issues in Week 1

On DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket, users were experiencing an onslaught of different problems from geographical errors (users being told they’re in a stadium and can’t watch, games were out of market when they weren’t) t0 issues with signing into the service and being unable to do so all afternoon. With NFL+, users (including myself) have noticed that game scores aren’t being shown or updated, and the app has experienced general wonkiness when accessing livestreams and replays.

Other platforms like Sling TV and YouTube TV were also experiencing problems all Sunday long, with many subscribers unable to access RedZone. While no solution seems to be available for YouTube TV subscribers still experiencing issues, those with Sling TV have been told to stop using Samsung devices released between 2017 and 2019 due to device support discrepancies.

DirecTV says it’s fixed Sunday Ticket

The biggest streaming outage reported thus far has been Sunday Ticket, and DirecTV reports that issues with the service have been resolved. However, many users are still voicing their complaints on social media saying the platform continues to face technical problems.

Trying to stream football games is by far one of the most confusing and complicated things a sports fan can do, what with incredibly staggered streaming rights sprinkled throughout the market and geographical blackouts affecting platforms that pride themselves on delivering multiple games a week. Outages like this seem to become more anymore widespread every year as the amount of games not exclusively broadcast on cable increases.

If you’re experiencing issues watching an NFL game this week, let me know on Twitter and I’ll update this article.

Fortunately, DirecTV will be losing Sunday Ticket at the end of this season, and Apple or Google could swoop it up.