LG promises three years of software updates for its last flagships

Despite shutting down its smartphone business, LG has confirmed it will release major software updates for its last round of flagship phones for three years after each device’s release date. The company’s flagships from 2019 and later are included, and so are some mid-range Style and K series phones from 2020.

With this pledge, LG should deliver both Android 12 and 13 for phones like the Velvet, V60 ThinQ, and Wing. Meanwhile, phones like the V50 and G8X will likely peak at Android 12.

Of course, the company’s press release doesn’t necessarily confirm these software updates will roll out. LG is “promising” three years’ worth of OS updates, not specifically major OS updates. Therefore, it’s possible the future of the company’s flagships resides in round after round of security patches.

Why am I so skeptical? Because of LG’s track record, which is pretty much the exact opposite of excellent. It takes the company far too long to ship major OS upgrades to its phones (we’re talking seven to eight months AFTER the update ships to other OEM’s devices). Plus, they had promised to develop a facility where they’d do nothing but push out timely software updates, something that had virtually no effect on its performance.

Regardless, all we can do with this new announcement from LG is assume it to be true. I mean, at this point, they have nothing to do but produce software updates, so hopefully that’s what they dedicate time and effort to.