Donkey Kong Now Has an Unbeatable High Score

A new world record has been set. No, it’s not for “most time doing algebraic equations” or “longest book reading session ever.” It’s for Donkey Kong, the old Nintendo game that was released back in 1981. On last Thursday, May 5th, someone by the name of Wes Copeland had successfully gotten the highest score possible in the game, a staggering 1,218,000 points.

As Copeland stated on his Facebook page, this will be the last record he sets as he doesn’t think a score higher that this is possible. After all, he did never lose one single Mario across each of the 22 levels in the game. However, there may be some other way of getting a higher score, but that’s still to be discovered.

You can watch Copeland play the game and eventually reach the high score in this 3 hour, 17 minute YouTube video, if you’re up for it and have nothing better to do.