Apple Wallet can finally store your ID, as long as you’re in Arizona

The feature is finally starting to roll out after initially debuting at WWDC 2021.

Apple has finally started rolling out the ability to store your driver’s license or government-issued ID in the Wallet app on your iPhone. The feature was originally announced at WWDC 2021 without an exact release date. So far, however, the only state supporting the new feature is Arizona.

If you do live in the Copper State, you’ll be able to follow Apple’s directions for adding your ID to Wallet, which are very straightforward. You’ll take front and back scans of your ID, then be asked to “complete a series of facial and head movements” so you can be verified as the person the ID is associated with. Those scans will be sent to the issuing state for verification, but it’s unclear what happens to those photos once they’ve been checked.

When you’ve finished adding your ID to your Wallet, it’ll appear on both your iPhone and Apple Watch and work in a variety of places where an ID might be required. Apple is currently working with TSA to add compatibility to their systems so you can share your ID digitally without ever having to hand over your device. In addition, anytime someone requests access to your digital ID, you’ll be able to authorize the information they see, while the entire transfer process remains end-to-end encrypted.

While Arizona is currently the only state that supports digital IDs, Apple says more states like Colorado, Hawaii, Mississippi, Ohio, and the territory of Puerto Rico will soon get the feature. That’s in addition to other states that have been confirmed such as Georgia, Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Utah.

“We’re thrilled to bring the first driver’s license and state ID in Wallet to Arizona today, and provide Arizonans with an easy, secure, and private way to present their ID when traveling, through just a tap of their iPhone or Apple Watch,” said Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s VP of Apple Pay and Apple Wallet. “We look forward to working with many more states and the TSA to bring IDs in Wallet to users across the US.”

Digital IDs are just the latest addition to the vast array of things you can add to your Apple Wallet. Digital car keys are picking up speed with more and more manufacturers adding compatibility to their vehicles, COVID-19 vaccination cards exploded in popularity once vaccine mandates went mainstream, and loyalty cards for your favorite stores remain as useful as ever. Apple’s clearly trying to eventually replace everything in your physical wallet with some sort of digital alternative – it’ll take a while, but they’re certainly making progress.

To use digital IDs, your iPhone will need to be running iOS 15.4. Your Apple Watch will also need to be updated to watchOS 8.4.