Apple releases macOS Monterey 12.1 with SharePlay, charging fixes, more

There's a lot included in this update, including plenty of fixes for the latest MacBook Pros.

Apple has released macOS Monterey 12.1, an update that’s been anticipated among users for its inclusion of bug fixes and features. The update is rolling out to all supported Macs now through the Settings app.

In the update, Apple includes a fix for an issue that pegs the 2021 16-inch MacBook Pro where MagSafe stops charging when the machine is powered down and the lid is closed. There was no reported reason behind the issue, but at least it’s finally being fixed.

Also in the update is a fix for playing HDR video on YouTube which could cause the 2021 MacBook Pros to freak out. There’s a fix for menu items that get hidden by the notch as well.

Apple also says there’s a patch for charging issues pegging MacBook Pros and Airs when they’re connected to Thunderbolt/USB-C external displays. Rounding things off are display and screen saver fixes as well as a patch for the trackpad which could become unresponsive before.

The update also promises a few new features, including SharePlay compatibility as well as support for Apple Music’s new $4.99/month Voice plan. The Photos app, Messages, Apple TV, Siri, Search, Apple ID, and more are also seeing improvements. Meanwhile, Apple’s Digital Legacy feature is include so you can assign one of your contacts to your Apple ID in case you pass away.

The full release notes can be found below.

macOS Monterey 12.1 adds SharePlay, an entirely new way to have shared experiences with family and friends in FaceTime. This update also includes the Apple Music Voice Plan, new safety features for children and parents in Messages, redesigned Memories in Photos, and other features and bug fixes for your Mac.


  • SharePlay is a new way to share synchronized experiences in FaceTime with content from the Apple TV app, Apple Music, and other supported apps
  • Shared controls give everyone the ability to pause, play, rewind or fast forward
  • Smart volume automatically lowers the audio of a movie, TV show or song when you or your friends speak
  • Screen sharing lets everyone on a FaceTime call look at photos, browse the web, or help each other out

Apple Music Voice Plan

  • Apple Music Voice Plan is a new subscription tier that gives you access to all songs, playlists, and stations in Apple Music using Siri
  • Just Ask Siri suggests music based on your listening history and likes or dislikes
  • Play it Again lets you access a list of your recently played music


  • Memories has been redesigned with a new interactive interface, new animation and transition styles, and multiple image collages
  • New Memory types include additional international holidays, child-focused memories, trends over time, and improved pet memories


  • Communication safety setting gives parents the ability to enable warnings for children when they receive or send photos that contain nudity
  • Safety warnings contain helpful resources for children when they receive photos that contain nudity

Siri and Search

  • Expanded guidance in Siri, Spotlight and Safari Search to help children and parents stay safe online and get help with unsafe situations

Apple ID

  • Digital Legacy allows you to designate people as Legacy Contacts so they can access your iCloud account and personal information in the event of your death

TV App

  • Store tab lets you browse, buy, and rent movies and TV Shows all in one place

This release also includes the following enhancements for your Mac:

  • Hide My Email is available in the Mail app for iCloud+ subscribers to create unique, random email addresses
  • Stocks allows you to view the currency for a ticker and see year-to-date performance when viewing charts
  • Reminders and Notes now allow you to delete or rename tags

This release also includes bug fixes for your Mac:

  • Desktop and Screen Saver may appear blank after selecting photos from the Photos library
  • Trackpad could become unresponsive to taps or clicks
  • External displays may not charge some MacBook Pro and MacBook Air computers when connected using Thunderbolt or USB-C
  • HDR video playback on could cause 2021 MacBook Pro computers to panic
  • Menu bar extras may be obscured by the camera housing on 2021 MacBook Pro computers
  • MagSafe may stop charging on 2021 16-inch MacBook Pro computers when lid is closed and system is shut down