Windows 10 Update Interrupts Meteorologist on Live TV

KCCI 8 News, a news station based in Iowa, got a little surprise this morning… while they were live. Meteorologist Meting Slater was doing her normal routine when a sudden “Get Windows 10” pop up appeared, blocking half the map of what she’s trying to report on.

Luckily, she was trained well and recovered from the mishap very well. Laughter can be heard in the background when the “Windows 10 News Fail” pops up and Slater comments on it.

Huh, Microsoft recommends upgrading to Windows 10! What should I do? Don’t you just love when that pops up, huh?

It’s just the little mistakes made on live TV that bring us joy as human beings. Seeing one friend slip up just reminds us that we’re not all perfect… and apparently neither are Microsoft notifications.

(Sorry for the corniness, but that’s just how I am.)