Report: Spider-Man Solo Film Title Leaked

According to a report by BBC, Marvel’s new Spider-Man film starring Tom Holland as the web-slinger could be called Spider-Man: Homecoming if a newly registered domain is of any indication.


Apparently, “” was just registered by Sony, the studio which will make the upcoming film possible, however domains really don’t mean anything if Batman v Superman is of any indication as multiple domains were registered that gave fans a hint at what the film could be called with none of them getting the name spot on. However, as Outer Places points out, a registered domain name was how fans discovered the new James Bond movie was called Skyfall, so this leak could go either way.

The “homecoming” part of the title could mean that Spider-Man is finally coming home to Marvel since he was recently entered into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or it could be called this because there’s an ongoing comic book series called Spider-Man: Homecoming where Captain America and Iron Man both make frequent cameos. And since the upcoming movie Captain America: Civil War features all three of these heroes, why wouldn’t the upcoming 2017 film precede Civil War and be dubbed this title?

It’s very unclear at this point what exactly the next Spider-Man film will be called, however as we begin to get closer to the final release of the movie (currently scheduled for July 7, 2017), more and more details will surface and ultimately tell us everything we need to know about it.