Hey guys – thanks for checking out Matridox! I’ve been writing this technology publication since 2015, ever since my interest in tech news and gadget reviews peaked to levels that couldn’t be controlled. I began looking at other tech sites and blogs and thought to myself, “Uh, I could totally do this myself.” So, that’s what I did.

Matridox has been a lot of things. It was originally called MBEDDED and I only covered Apple news. Then, I switched hosting platforms and expanded my coverage to other topics in the consumer technology space. Since then I’ve rebranded to Matridox and have begun publishing articles, reviews, and editorials that look at the broader picture when technology news is broken. Things like how certain announcements can affect the industry they’re made in, what companies are blazing a new trail when they release a product, and where the future of consumer computing is going are all topics you’ll find me covering every day.

Here’s the kind of content I publish:

  • Newsletters: Every Tuesday to Friday, I publish newsletters with a featured article on impactful stories along with a roundup of the latest headlines to give you insight and perspective on the news cycle. If that’s something you’re interested in reading, I invite you to subscribe to receive each issue right in your inbox.
  • Blog posts and editorials: I also publish weekly blog-style posts where I share thoughts on announcements, highlight an issue I’m having, or simply share a piece of news I didn’t get to cover the previous week. It’s basically my personal creative avenue when I have thoughts on something I’m interested in.
  • Reviews: Who doesn’t like a good ol’ fashion tech review? I try to get my hands on all of the latest gadgets and gizmos to share my thoughts on whether they’re any good and whether they’re worth buying. I weave a “big-picture perspective” into each review as well to decide whether a product’s innovations have the capacity to broadly affect the rest of the industry.

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