Rumor: Google is bringing Gmail and Calendar to the Pixel Watch

There's no word on when they'll ship, but 9to5Google reports that both apps are "full" versions of their smartphone counterparts.

If you’re the owner of a new Pixel Watch and noticed two key Google apps were missing from the experience, I have some good news: it looks like Google is working on bringing Gmail and Calendar to the watch sooner than later. In an article showcasing watch apps, 9to5Google reports that it’s hearing the apps are currently being developed and that their experiences are described as “full,” which probably means you won’t get a half-baked look at your inbox or calendar appointments. It’s likely that the apps will also work on other Wear OS watches, like Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5.

The Pixel Watch is definitely one of the best Wear OS watches you can buy. I gave it high praise at CNN Underscored despite being a first-generation product, but it really impressed me with how well it handled performance and the software experience. I also appreciated the design and the robust Fitbit integration. Obviously, my biggest gripe was the display which is surrounded by a huge bezel. If Google does bring Gmail and Calendar to the watch, you’ll probably feel pretty cramped given the screen’s size.

That being said, it’s nice that Google is continuing to work on fleshing out the Pixel Watch experience as best it can. The company just released its first major update for the device which includes notable bug fixes in the eSIM and Fitbit departments, as well as a few quality-of-life enhancements for health tracking.

There’s no word on when Gmail or Calendar will be released to the public.