Apple might add curved edges to the iPhone 15’s design, use titanium for Pro model

Rumor has it the iPhone 15 will boast curved edges on the back instead of flat.

A new rumor has popped up suggesting that Apple might make its next iPhones curvier than year’s past. According to ShrimpApplePro on Twitter, the iPhone 15 will come with curved edges on the back to make it easier to grip, similar to the design of the iPhone 5C from 2013. Unlike the 5C, the new iPhone is rumored to come with a titanium design (although there’s a good chance it only comes to the iPhone 15 Pro while the regular iPhone 15 sticks with aluminum).

Beyond looking like an iPhone 5C, the new iPhones might more resemble Apple’s latest MacBook Pro, which also comes with flat edges on the top and curved edges on the bottom. This would allow the phone to remain extremely similar looking, while still offering something new. Of course, given ShrimpApplePro’s less than perfect track record (and the fact we’re nearly a year away from seeing the iPhone 15), take this with a grain of salt.

Like clockwork, we’re starting to hear more and more about the next iPhone despite just witnessing the launch of Apple’s latest iPhones. One of the biggest new rumors pertaining to the iPhone 15 is a USB-C port, which is officially inevitably coming to an iPhone near you. Reports indicate the iPhone 15 could be the first model to ship with such a port, whereas the iPhone 15 Pro will take better advantage of it with faster data and charging speeds.