These leaked Pixel Fold renders are glorious

New renders of the upcoming Pixel Fold are here, and it basically looks like a Pixel 7 Pro and Z Fold 4 had a baby. It's expected to launch in 2023.

Step aside Galaxy Z Fold 4, the Pixel Fold is coming to town. New renders of Google’s upcoming folding phone have leaked, and they’re simply gorgeous to look at. The leaks arrive via FrontPageTech between Jon Prosser and Ian Zelbo.

Rumored Pixel Fold gets the render treatment

  • The leaked Pixel Fold renders depict a device that greatly resembles a Pixel 7 Pro blended with a Galaxy Z Fold 4, but a bit thinner and more Google-y.
  • It’ll reportedly cost the same as the Z Fold 4 and launch in 2023.
  • A folding Pixel could be quite a compelling buy for those who enjoy the Pixel experience but want more dynamic hardware.

The renders showcase a device that looks like what would happen if you merged a Pixel 7 Pro with a Galaxy Z Fold 4. The screens offer slim bezels with a hole-punch cutout on the front, a hot dog-style hinge, and speaker grilles on the top and bottom. The edges are much rounder than the Z Fold 4’s, and the corners seem a bit softer as a result. Overall, the phone looks like it could offer one of the best designs in the folding market.

FTP has also shared a rumored release date and price for the Pixel Fold. According to its report, the device will retail for $1,799, the same as Z Fold 4. It’s expected to launch in May of 2023, which could mean Google will announce it at its annual I/O developer conference.

A foldable Pixel has been rumored for some time. There are reports that date back to early 2021 where it was getting clearer and clearer that Google was indeed working on such a device. During its run in the rumor world, the Pixel Fold’s been said to come with subpar cameras, offer speedy specifications (such as a Google Tensor processor), and – at one point – even be completely shelved. At this point, it certainly seems that the phone will reach the market sooner than later, but it remains a staunch rumor with no direct comment or confirmation from Google (at least for now).

I’m really into the idea of a folding Pixel phone. I prefer Google’s take on Android over Samsung’s, and I’d love to have that on hardware that unfolds to a tablet when I need it. Plus, you’ll get Pixel cameras and all of the extra software features like Magic Eraser, advanced Call Screening, Now Playing, and more.

Hopefully, these leaks pan out and we get a folding phone with a Google logo on it this spring.