Spotify redesigns its Apple Watch app with improved UI and easier controls

The app now makes downloading music, accessing your library, and playing podcasts from your wrist a lot easier.

Spotify has announced a redesigned version of its app for the Apple Watch, complete with a refreshed UI and easier controls. The new version is rolling out now to all users via the App Store, and you’ll need to update the app on your iPhone to see the changes reflected on your watch.

The new app isn’t a reimagining of the Spotify Apple Watch experience, but it’s pretty darn close. It sports simpler navigation and controls so you can do things like download music, browse your library, and like songs quicker than ever. There are fresh animations throughout the app, larger artwork, and a more familiar-looking interface overall. Plus, there are major improvements to streaming podcasts: a blue dot will now sit next to episodes you haven’t streamed yet, a progress bar has been added to the playback controls, and each podcast will continue where you left off each time you press play (users complained before that it would reset your progress).

Spotify detailed the new Apple Watch app in a blog post that also goes over changes its made on other platforms to improve the experience of using its platform. For example, the app now works with Ambient mode on Amazon’s Fire TV QLED Omni series, there’s special Spotify Tap controls integrated into Ray-Ban Stories glasses, and it’s furthering its partnership with Delta to curate custom playlists for the overhead music you hear when boarding a flight.