Update: Never mind, Twitter won’t add a second verified checkmark

The company will add a secondary checkmark to certain accounts to prove their authenticity once the new Twitter Blue launches.

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Update: Uhh, never mind, Twitter isn’t going to add a second verified checkmark to select accounts to confirm whether they’re legit.

The news comes in a tweet response from Elon Musk to our buddy, Marques Brownlee. Earlier today, Brownlee spotted the second verified marker on his account and shared the discovery in a tweet, then later retweeting and updating his 5.9 million followers that it had disappeared. Musk then replied and said, “I just killed it.”

In another tweet, he said “Blue check will be the great leveler,” which seems to indicate that existing blue checks will be the sole way you identify someone on Twitter is who they say they are. That’s still a messy process, mind you, since anyone can pay $7.99 per month for the new Twitter Blue and get the checkmark.

It’s unclear if Musk will make further effort to distinguish properly verified users on Twitter and those who just pay for Twitter Blue, but at this rate it won’t be long before we find out.

Original article: Twitter’s verification system is getting pretty complicated. Elon Musk’s new version of Twitter Blue, which launches this week, will give each subscriber a blue checkmark next to their name to certify they’re a real human being who pays money to be on Twitter. The only problem with that is it renders existing blue checkmarks useless, whereas previously they would signify the person controlling the account was in fact the person they claimed to be.

To fix that, Twitter will introduce a second verified badge that will live on a select number of accounts’ profiles. Esther Crawford, head of early stage products at Twitter, confirmed the news in a tweet thread. The extra checkmark will be used to verify the authenticity of accounts belonging to “government accounts, commercial companies, business partners, major media outlets, publishers and some public figures.”

In order to get the extra verified badge, it seems that Twitter will be hand-picking certain accounts at first. Previously verified accounts won’t automatically get the badge, nor will there be a way to purchase it. There also likely won’t be an outright way to apply for it, although that part remains unclear.

Right now, the second checkmark isn’t live for any accounts, but some will likely receive the badge once Musk’s $7.99/month Twitter Blue launches.