Elon Musk’s Twitter Blue with verification launches prematurely on iOS

Nothing is ready yet - iOS users are just getting the version of Twitter that'll support it.

It looks like Twitter began the rollout of Elon Musk’s Twitter Blue a little too soon. An update to the app, which is now being rolled out on iOS, claims to provide the updated Blue experience with a new price of $7.99 per month and verification badges for all subscribers. There’s only one little problem: it’s not working yet. I updated the app on my iPhone and neither the new price or verified badge are present.

As it turns out, this is part of Twitter’s plan. The company has been working day and night trying to get the new Twitter Blue up and running by November 7th, as instructed by Musk. The launch is happening in real time, according to the company, so some users will see this update and others won’t.

If you receive the update, you’ll notice a new pop-up in your Blue settings menu that says “Blue looks good on you. Enjoy your verified account and blue checkmark.” The checkmark won’t likely be there, but it will eventually.

Speaking of “eventually,” basically every other feature Musk wants to see in Twitter will be “coming soon,” according to the update’s release notes. Long video support, priority ranking, and less ads will be made available in the future.

In addition, the new Twitter Blue seems to only be launching in five markets: the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. That list will expand over time, but there’s no word on precisely when.