Twitter Blue is getting revamped with verification, less ads, longer videos for $8 a month

No word on when these changes go in effect, but they're definitely some of the biggest to come to the platform so far.

Elon Musk, Twitter’s new owner and sole director, has announced a revamped version of Twitter Blue, the premium subscription offered by the social media platform. We knew this was coming – reports over the weekend suggested the service would go up in price to $20 per month to accommodate verification for subscribers – but it seems Musk has different plans for how the service will be structured moving forward.

According to Musk on Twitter (because of course), Twitter Blue will be priced at $8 per month and vary “by country proportionate to purchasing power parity.” A subscription will now get you a verified badge on your profile; priority in replies, mentions, and search to suppress spam; the ability to post longer-form video and audio; and half as many ads.

What you won’t get are ad-free articles from select publishers (including Matridox). That feature was suspended yesterday, and Twitter Blue alerted each publisher participating in the program that their agreement was terminated. Musk said in a later tweet that a “paywall bypass for publishers willing to work with us” will be offered, although it’s unclear what exactly that means. At the very least, Twitter seems to still be interested in working with publishers going forward.

Musk also said the new price structure for Blue will give the company “a revenue stream to reward content creators.” That’s a huge step in the direction Musk seems to want to take Twitter in – right up against big dogs like YouTube and TikTok.

The new Twitter Blue will be wildly different compared to the old Twitter Blue. Before, you were offered much simpler features like an NFT profile picture, delays for sending tweets to help mitigate typos (before editing was a thing), navigation bar customization, and alternative app icons for your Home Screen. Now, it seems that you’ll truly have to subscribe if you want the most of what Twitter offers, including that nifty verification badge many have clambered over for years.

So far, it’s unclear when the new Twitter blue will roll out. Musk previously told employees to launch the revised subscription service by November 7th, otherwise they’d lose their jobs. Of course, since it’s Elon Musk running the ship, we could know as soon as a few minutes from now or in the middle of the night. We’ll have to wait to find out.