Lenovo made a laptop with a growing screen, teased during Tech World 2022

The laptop screen extends from the deck to give you more vertical space to work with.

Lenovo is always up to something in those labs of theirs.

During its Tech World 2022 event, the company teased a very strange laptop with what appears to be a rollable display that grows out of the base of the laptop. It’s one of the wackier concepts for the future of the laptop that I’ve seen. You can check it out in the GIF below.

Lenovo rollable display laptop
This is really cool to watch. | Source: Lenovo

It’s unclear whether this is an actual working prototype or just an animation to drum up hype during its event, but Lenovo is certainly signaling its openness to continue making weird gadgets and explore the uncharted waters of rolling and folding displays. So far, the only gadget with a flexible display they’ve shipped is the ThinkPad X1 Fold, which recently got a sequel and seems far more solid than the first generation.

But whereas the X1 Fold tries to make a laptop form factor as versatile as possible, this mystery rollable laptop seems to have one sole objective: make the screen taller. There’s definitely a lot of people who would see value in this – I, myself, always appreciate a taller display when writing. Others like it for photo editing and multitasking with a few apps snapped to the corners.

Obviously, it’s too early to tell when a device like this could ship or at least be demoed in-person. It’s also probably too early to make any predictions on the hardware, but I’d assume this laptop would be particularly heavy since it has to store the rollable screen in the base of the machine.

I’ll keep you guys in the loop if this mysterious tease goes anywhere, and you better believe I’ll be hounding Lenovo executives at every briefing I go to to try and get answers.