Google is offering iPhone owners up to $1,055 for trade-ins toward a Pixel 7

Right now, Google will give you more money than it usually would to convince you to switch to Pixel from an iPhone.

In case you had any doubts that one of Google’s biggest targets with its new Pixel 7 series are iPhone owners, the company is making it abundantly clear with its trade-ins.

At Google’s online store, the company is offering some decent trade-ins for devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 3, S22 Ultra, previous Pixels, and other phones from LG and Motorola. But it’s the iPhone category that’s the most interesting, since it’s getting a boost in value with the highest trade-ins of them all.

Pixel 7 Pro trade in value iPhone
Google’s online store will give you up to $1,055 if you trade in an eligible iPhone for a Pixel 7 Pro.

According to the site, Google will give you up to $1,055 off a new Pixel 7 Pro if you trade in an iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1TB of storage. That pales in comparison to the $750 you could’ve gotten if you preordered a Pixel 7 Pro and traded in. Even if your 13 Pro Max only has 128GB of storage, you’ll still get $900 off which is still a free phone.

Lesser-specced iPhones like the regular 13 Pro, 13 or 13 mini, 12 series, and 11 series will still give you solid trade-in values, ranging from $500 to upwards of $700. Notably, this is only good toward a Pixel 7 Pro – you’re still capping off at $750 for a high-end iPhone Pro Max trade-in when buying a Pixel 7. Still, it’s clear Apple wants to get iOS users over to its smartphones, and this is a great way to do so.

It’s unclear how long these inflated trade-in values will last, so if you own an iPhone and want to grab one of the latest Pixels, it’s a good idea to do so now.

I reviewed the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro for CNN Underscored, and I found them both to be extremely solid. The camera quality is amazing, the displays are gorgeous (and even brighter this year), the neat software tricks like Photo Unblur work well, and performance is fantastic with the Tensor G2. I wasn’t impressed with battery life, unfortunately, and Face Unlock is a bit of a joke since you can unlock it with a selfie. But at $599 and $899 respectively, the 7 and 7 Pro are some of the best Android phones you can buy right now.