Twitter Blue users in the US can now edit tweets, and it’s the best

It's not totally perfect, but if you have Twitter Blue and live in the US, you'll wanna read this.

Just this week, Twitter began rolling out the ability to edit tweets to Twitter Blue subscribers in three territories: Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It confirmed at the time that those in the US would get it “soon,” and now, that time has come.

On Thursday, Twitter Blue users in the United States began reporting that the feature was hitting their accounts. Sure enough, later yesterday afternoon, I noticed the “Edit Tweet” option pop up on my iPhone 14 Pro Max. The option is also available on a few of my Android phones, including my Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Pixel 6 Pro. So it definitely seems like the feature was simply “flicked on” and not necessarily “rolled out” in any way.

In my experience, editing tweets is an effortless experience. There’s a new “Edit Tweet” option in the three-dot menu on each tweet you post, but it disappears after 30 minutes. Twitter says you can edit a single tweet “a few times,” and there are timestamps and like/retweet counts marking the last time you edited the tweet. You can view a full edit history of the tweet for context, which is important on a platform like Twitter where posts can be shared by tens of thousands of accounts in a matter of minutes. In the future, you’ll be able to edit tweets like replies and retweets, but that functionality isn’t working right now.

Twitter’s implementation of the infamous edit button is pretty perfect. The edit history for each tweet is well laid out and provides valuable information like the amount of likes and retweets it had each time it was edited. And 30 minutes is plenty of time to catch a typo or correct your phrasing. It sort of makes you wonder why it took Twitter so long to concoct it all.

It’s unclear when free users of Twitter might get the edit feature. I have a theory that it will remain exclusive to Twitter Blue subscribers in order to drive growth of the service (which will instantly make anyone question whether $4.99/month to edit tweets is worth it). For now, it remains in beta stages for Blue users in certain parts of the world. Over time, it’ll expand to more regions and markets, and I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop when that happens.