Introducing the new name for Wiretapped

Wiretapped is now Legendary Scoop - here's what's changing.

Howdy! It’s me, Legendary Scoop. Anyone who’s followed me on social media in the past 5+ years will recognize that handle – @LegendaryScoop. It’s a combination of two words: “legendary” (the word critics of mine from a few years ago referred to me as after I played along with their jokes) and “scoop” (the nickname any reporter’s mom would give them the second they start publishing). It’s very unique, it’s easy to spell, and it’ll be the name for my Substack newsletter moving forward.

I’m sure you’re wondering why I don’t just stick with Wiretapped, and truth be told, I’ve never really liked the name. Well, I shouldn’t say that – I actually think Wiretapped as a brand is really dope. But it doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of what I do. With Wiretapped, I sort of have three individual brands: Matridox, myself (Legendary Scoop), and Wiretapped. I want to simplify that a bit and make it more obvious who writes it, so I’ve decided to go with Legendary Scoop.

Here’s another reason for the name change: I actually have time now to invest in it and grow it the way I want to. A little inside baseball: I’ve officially gone part-time at my full-time job, all so I can make time for my work in tech reporting. Along with the newsletter, I just launched a new YouTube channel (which you should definitely subscribe to), I’ve got plans to build out my affiliate vertical on (although it’s taking a bit longer than I had hoped), and I’m having way too much fun freelancing for sites like How-To Geek and CNN Underscored. It’s all becoming… a lot. Not too much (I love controlled chaos), but more than I can balance with a full-time job.

So here I am! I have a lot of ideas for what I wanna do with this newsletter going forward, including making it far more helpful and regular than it is right now.

One way I’ll be doing that is through a premium tier, which launches next week. On Tuesdays/Wednesdays (depending on how busy each week is) and Fridays, I’ll send out a recap of the latest news in personal tech, the industry, streaming, and more. I’ll organize everything in easy-to-digest paragraphs, bulletin points, and whatever else I think is necessary to make the news clear and valuable to read. After all, why shouldn’t I help my readers be as informed on the world of tech as I am?

Subscriptions to Legendary Scoop+ (that’s not what it’s actually called – I just felt the need to type that because “+” is literally everywhere) will cost $5/month, and every month for the next year, I’ll be giving away lifetime subscriptions to random people. I’ll have details on how you can enter to win soon.

For free members, you’ll get a modified version of the Friday edition sent out each Saturday morning, as well as a brief rundown of the week in tech. So if you want the most Legendary Scoop you can get, you might wanna consider jumping on the premium tier.

So, what else is changing about this newsletter? Honestly, nothing really. I’ll still be updating you guys on what devices I’m reviewing/using, my thoughts on current trends and rumors through editorials, Q&A sessions to feed your curiosity, and more. I want to build my Substack so it becomes a valuable extension of the community I’ve already developed on and am currently building on YouTube.

If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, be sure to subscribe and tell you friends. The more the merrier!

This is literally the tip of the iceberg. Over the coming months, I’ll share more updates on the work I’m doing in this space to help you, my loyal readers, remain as informed and educated on the ever-changing world of technology as possible. I’m so excited to branch out into new creative avenues, attend tons of press conferences (in-person launch events are back!), and give you all a glimpse into my world through both written stories and video diaries/vlogs. Just wait ‘til you see what I have cooking for CES in January…

Until then, strap in. Legendary Scoop is here, and New Tech Season is officially underway. It’s gonna get wild – fast.


The first paid edition of Legendary Scoop will be sent on Wednesday, October 5th. Be sure you don’t miss it by subscribing!