Google Pixel Watch reportedly starts at $349.99, right between the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch

According to Max Weinbach, the upcoming Pixel Watch will cost less than an Apple Watch, but remain a premium option in the Wear OS space.

It looks like the Pixel Watch will be priced bit lower than the most popular smartwatch on the market: the Apple Watch. Google’s first watch, set to formally debut at an event on October 6th, will reportedly start at $349.99 for the standard Wi-Fi/Bluetooth model, according to leaked images from Max Weinbach for 9to5Google. Cellular models will go up to $399.99. That’s in comparison to the Apple Watch’s starting price of $399 for Bluetooth and $499 for cellular.

Admittedly, $349.99 is still a bit pricey in the world of smartwatches for Android phones. The Galaxy Watch 5, arguably the most popular Wear OS device on the market, starts at $279.99, while other watches like the Fossil Gen 6 and Google’s own Fitbit Sense 2 are $299. It’s clear that Google sees the Pixel Watch as something of a premium offering in the Wear OS space, as it should – the consensus has been that Wear OS needs its Apple Watch equivalent, and it looks like Google’s gonna shoot for that with a high-end design, interchangeable bands, and clean software.

Weinbach also surfaced the colors the Pixel Watch will arrive in. There will be three case colors to pick from: Black, Silver, and Gold. We also know the name of the bands each color will come with: Obsidian, Chalk, and Hazel, respectively. It’s likely Google will announce a handful of additional bands during its event as the company is expected to have a whole portfolio of customization options for the Pixel Watch.

So far, these prices haven’t been confirmed by Google, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they in fact are come October 6th. Stay tuned.