Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max cameras

The iPhone 14 Pro is suffering from serious camera issues, but Apple won’t fix them until next week

The bug seems to be plaguing Apple's own camera APIs.

Many folks have gotten their hands on the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro over the past few days after it launched last Friday, and it seems that they aren’t exempt from some serious day-one bugs, at least in terms of the 14 Pro.

Over the weekend, users began reporting a weird issue where trying to record video through social media apps like Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram led to the iPhone 14 Pro’s cameras violently shaking and making a bizarre buzzing sound. An example can be found in the TikTok below.

@naaackers First bug I’ve found on the new #iphone14promax. Maybe it’s the OIS? The phone was actually vibrating! I could only get this to happen once. Started when I tried to zoom in while recording a segment in tiktok app #apple #iphone #tech #techtok #iphone14 #promax #ios #naaackers ♬ Sensual Seduction – Snoop Dogg

I was unable to reproduce this bug on my personal iPhone 14 Pro Max unit, but I sifted through Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok and found that a large amount of people are experiencing the issue themselves. It seems that it’s only plaguing the Pro phones so far.

Given how widespread the issue seems to be, you can imagine how disappointing it is to hear that a fix won’t be released until next week. In a statement to news outlets including Bloomberg, Apple said that it’s aware of the problem plaguing the 14 Pro and Pro Max, which leads many to believe that it’s a problem with Apple’s own camera APIs and not the social media apps themselves. That being said, if Apple knows what the problem is, why not just release the software update by the weekend?

The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max sort of stumbled out of the gate, with a day-one patch that fixed things like cellular connectivity, eSIM transfers, and extra softening on some photos taken with the devices. I’ve also heard from many of my tech buddies that battery life and system stability seem to also be a bit off on the latest iPhones. It’s certainly no secret that Apple needs to continue updating iOS 16 in order to iron out all of these issues.

It’s unclear what form next week’s patch will take for the 14 Pro. Apple has already released iOS 16.0.1 to them and version 16.1 is still in beta, so it’s likely that 16.0.2 will wind up being the one that reaches the public.