Twitter is now testing its new edit button, and Twitter Blue subscribers will get it soon

If you give Twitter $4.99 a month, you might get the feature in a few weeks.

Back in April, Twitter confirmed that an edit button would finally be coming to its platform, ending years of countless jokes and cries from users who simply want the ability to correct a typo in their tweet rather than have to delete it entirely and send a new one. Today, the company said that it’s now testing its new “Edit Tweet” feature, but not everyone has access.

Twitter’s “Edit Tweet” test. | Photo: Twitter

The test reveals that a new “Edit Tweet” option will be available in the three-dot menu on each tweet you share, but only for 30 minutes after it’s sent. Twitter says you’ll be able to edit a single tweet “a few times,” and there will be a timestamp marketing when the last time you edited a tweet. Users will be able to tap the stamp to view a full edit history of the tweet, which is important on a platform like Twitter where posts can be shared by tens of thousands of accounts in a matter of minutes.

So, who can edit tweets and who can’t?

Right now, Twitter says it’s only internally testing the edit button, but some Twitter Blue subscribers will get the feature in the coming weeks. The company has stated in the past that those who subscribe to the $4.99/month premium plan will gain early access to new features, so if you want the best chance of getting an edit button when it rolls out, you’ll want to sign up.

Twitter says it will be paying attention to how people use the feature in order to improve it down the road, stating that it will pay “close attention to how the feature impacts the way people read, write, and engage with Tweets.”