Apple might actually included 30W charging on the iPhone 14

Various leakers are suggesting that the iPhone might get a *little* faster at charging this year.

It seems that there’s hope on the horizon for anyone who hates how slow the current iPhones charge. According to multiple leakers (the latest being DuanRui on Twitter), the iPhone 14 series might be compatible with 30W charging, the fastest any iPhone has ever offered. It would beat out the iPhone 13 Pro Max which topped 27W with the right cable and power adapter combo.

Apple’s reluctancy to boost the speed of wired charging on the iPhone has translated to a notable disadvantage the smartphone line has to the competition. Many modern Android phones have anywhere from 45W to 65W charging capabilities, and some even have more. For example, I just got done reviewing the OnePlus 10T, a phone with 125W wired charging. I kid you not, it’s capable of going from zero to 100 percent in as little as 20 minutes. That’s borderline insanity for any charger that claims to be fast, so Apple’s misleading attempt at suggesting the iPhone also sports fast charging has always rubbed me the wrong way.

If 30W charging makes its way to the iPhone 14 line, it won’t make much difference compared to last year’s models, and even the year before’s which boasted 18W charging. At the very least, it looks incredibly likely that Apple will support 30W, as it’s been reported by numerous accredited leakers in the past like Ming-Chi Kuo and McGuire Wood in addition to DuanRui. That being said, Apple is not expected to include anything charging-related in the box beyond a Lightning to USB-C cable, so you’ll have to pick up an external power adapter on your own.

The adapter in question will apparently boast a redesign and use GaN technology for faster, safer charging speeds than previous Apple chargers. It’s unclear how much it’ll cost, but for context, Apple’s current 20W charger is $19 while its 35W dual-port charger for the MacBook is $59.

As a side note, there’s been no whispers about faster wireless charging on the iPhone 14 series, so expect to see the same 15W MagSafe charging as before.

Apple will unveil the iPhone 14 series alongside the new Apple Watch Series 8, an Apple Watch “Pro” which heavy-duty materials, and new AirPods Pro 2 at an event on September 7th.