Here’s a $15,000 diamond-covered Apple Watch case, because why not

The Golden Concept Diamond Edition Apple Watch case features four-carat diamonds, a premium silicon band, and extreme exclusivity.

My Matridox inbox can be a weird place. I get story pitches from numerous companies and PR agencies every day, I’m offered products to review almost every five minutes, and once in a while, some crazy email lands in it. Today’s crazy email? “World’s most expensive Apple Watch case on sale.”

Meet the Diamond Edition Apple Watch case. Created by Swedish luxury brand Golden Concept, this case is carved from a single block of titanium and completely covered in diamonds. According to Golden Concept, no less than 443 diamonds can be found all around the case, which adds the most iced-out aesthetic any clout chaser could ask for.

As for specifics, Golden Concept says each case takes a week to craft with all of the delicate care that it requires. The case ships with a rubber wrist strap made from a custom Fluoroelastomer, what the company describes as “a heat-, cold-, and chemical-resistant fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber.” For the sake of personalization, Golden Concept will even let you engrave a personal message on the case itself.

For the diamond nerds out there, Golden Concept says each diamond on the case has a a VVS1-2 Clarity rating, absolutely no color with an E color grade, and tally up to four carats when you count the weight of all the diamonds on each case.

So what’s the downside to this masterpiece of an Apple Watch case? For one, it costs $15,000 which makes it out of reach for pretty much any Apple Watch user (beyond billionaires with $15,000 to burn). Secondly, there will only be seven of these cases sold, so even if you’re one of the few comfortable dropping this much dough on a product like this, it could be hard to buy.

Golden Concept says the case is available now from the company’s website for the Apple Watch Series 7, and preorders are now open for a model that will fit the next-generation Series 8 watch.