Samsung will reportedly include a 200MP camera on the Galaxy S23 Ultra

ET News says that Samsung is confirming with camera partners the S23 Ultra will indeed get an upgrade from the already-excellent 108MP camera on the S22 Ultra.

Smartphone cameras have been getting really interesting lately, with companies experimenting with different lens formulas and software tricks to see what sticks and what doesn’t. Samsung has found some success with its 108MP cameras on the Galaxy S21 Ultra and S22 Ultra thanks to its large sensor, natural depth of field, and high resolution. Now, it looks like photos taken with the main camera on the upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra could be even better with a new 200MP sensor.

As reported by Android Authority, Korean outlet ET News says Samsung has confirmed with camera partners that the S23 Ultra will sport its new 200MP camera. Specifically, it’ll be the company’s 200MP HP1 sensor that debuted back in 2021. The sensor boasts 0.64μm pixels which, while aren’t as big as pixels on other sensors, have the potential to bring some serious detail and lighting improvements once they’re binned down to 12MP or so, effectively making them much larger at 2.56μm.

To put this into context, Apple’s iPhone 14 series is expected to finally upgrade the main 12MP sensor on the iPhone 13 with a new 48MP camera. Meanwhile, other competitors like Google’s upcoming Pixel 7 Pro are expected to stick with 50MP cameras. The only company shipping something matching the caliber of Samsung’s sensor is Motorola, whose new X30 Pro flagship released in China boasts a 200MP camera.

ET News isn’t the only outlet claiming the S23 Ultra will get the sensor upgrade. Last month, Ice universe on Twitter claimed that the device would get a 200MP camera, although the account is sticking with the idea of an upgraded version of the HP1 being the actual camera to make it into the S23 Ultra instead of the HP1 itself.

It’s still early in the rumor cycle for the S23 series, so there’s no much else to talk about in terms of the S23 Ultra. However, it’s interesting to hear that the excellent 108MP camera on the S22 Ultra could get even better come 2023, so I’ll keep you posted if I hear about any developments.