Android 13 takes a final step toward its public release

The fourth and final developer preview of Android 13 is now available, weeks ahead of the software's release to the public.

Google is releasing its next major version of Android in a few weeks, and the software just took an important step in its path to becoming a publicly-available update.

This week, Google released the fourth and final preview version of Android 13, giving developers one last chance to check out the software before it’s widely available in the coming weeks. The company says since it was able to reach Platform Stability with the third beta, this beta will serve as the new software’s release candidate, so the most daring of Pixel users could install this software and get the same experience they’ll have in a few weeks with the update (although I still don’t endorse that idea since… betas be betas, man).

For the fourth build, Google says it patched up some issues pegging Bluetooth pairing, Google Camera app crashes, device info, and Now Playing. There’s also a slew of under-the-hood improvements and other hidden fixes.

The big story with Android 13 seems to be… everything. Google didn’t go all-in on one area of Android 13 like it did with Material You in Android 12. Instead, it’s improving a large amount of different areas in the OS and making them more enjoyable to use. Some examples of this are a Material You overhaul of media controls, custom app icon colors, end-to-end encryption for RCS group chats, improved privacy and security, fast pair for Matter smart home devices, and support for custom languages on an app-by-app basis.

As far as support is concerned, every Pixel phone from the Pixel 3 and up will get Android 13. Google says it’s weeks away from releasing the official version of the software, so stay tuned as a lot of people are about to get their hands on the new OS very soon.