Apple’s fix for the Studio Display’s poor webcam quality is rolling out

macOS Monterey 12.4 is now rolling out to all users.

If you bought a Studio Display and are dissatisfied with the quality of its webcam, there’s a patch for that. Apple is currently rolling out macOS Monterey 12.4 to all supported Macs, and it includes a fix for the Studio Display’s camera that notably increases its quality.

Compared to the previous software version, users have reported better exposure, contrast, noise reduction, and color reproduction after updating to macOS 12.4. This is especially nice to see since the webcam was expected to be much better than it wound up being since it uses the same 12MP f/2.4 camera as the iPhone 11. While this update doesn’t quite bring it up to that quality, it’s nice to see Apple respond to user complaints in such a timely manner.

Other updates inside macOS 12.4 include a new setting for the Podcasts app that lets you limit the number of episodes stored on your Mac and automatically delete old ones, bug fixes, and security patches. The update is rolling out now.