Google might finally make Nearby Share an excellent AirDrop alternative

Sharing files between your devices is expected to get much easier.

Google has tried to offer an alternative to Apple’s AirDrop for years with its Nearby Share feature. Both are capable of sharing files between devices seamlessly, but Apple’s version boasts an advantage by making it easy to send files to your own devices without the need for additional authentication. This is obviously good for security (who wants to randomly see files from strangers on their phones without consent?), but it makes Nearby Share a bit less convenient since you also have to grant permission when sharing files with your own devices.

Luckily, it looks like that could be changing in a future update. Google will be adding a new “self-share” option as a part of Nearby Share, a feature first spotted in January. Mishaal Rahman (via Android Police) shared screenshots of the feature in action, allowing you to seamlessly share files between your devices.

The way self-share will work is pretty simple. Your devices will need to be in close proximity to one another, both have Nearby Share enabled, and each be signed into your Google account. So long as your devices meet that criteria, you’ll be able to share files without having to manually approve the transfer. It’s similar to how AirDrop works which relies on your Apple ID for authentication.

Since the feature is currently present in the latest version of Google Play Services, it’s expected that it’ll officially roll out soon. Many are anticipating an announcement at I/O 2022 which is occurring next month.