Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack can now charge your iPhone at 7.5W with firmware update

And heat will (presumably) not be an issue.

If you own Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack, you’ll want to slap it to the back of your iPhone. That’s because a firmware update is rolling out now for the $99 accessory that upgrades its charging performance from 5W to 7.5W, giving you slightly faster charging without having to upgrade any hardware. The update was first reported on by 9to5Mac.

This is a somewhat surprising update, to say the least. It was confirmed previously that Apple limited the MagSafe Battery Pack’s output to 5W in order to minimize heat. While the company hasn’t outright confirmed it, we’re sort of left to assume that heat distribution won’t be an issue with version 2.7 of the battery pack’s firmware given its upgrade to 7.5W.

Still, any update that can change the performance of a device like this is always welcome. Apple says the update could take up to a week to reach your battery pack through your iPhone, so if you’re in a rush, you can plug it into a Mac or iPad using a Lightning to USB-C cable and have the update manually installed.