T-Mobile subscribers will soon get unlimited Google Photos storage for $15 per month

The new “2TB + Unlimited Google Photos” tier will launch April 26th.

Last year, Google and T-Mobile announced a partnership that would see the Uncarrier promote some of the search giant’s services as solutions for things like messaging and cloud storage. Today, as spotted by 9to5Google, that promotion has expanded to a new service that will soon be offered to T-Mobile subscribers: unlimited Google Photos storage.

The new Google One tier, available exclusively to T-Mobile customers, will get you 2TB of Google Drive storage and unlimited original-quality backups of your pictures to Google Photos. The new tier will be priced at $15 per month and can be tacked onto your monthly bill.

The new service comes months after Google stopped offering unlimited photo storage to general consumers. Currently, there’s no way to store all of your pictures at full resolution through Google One; you’ll have to subscribe to the 2TB plan which costs $9.99 per month, and there’s always a chance you’ll eventually run out of space if you take a particularly large amount of photos and videos.

While this new storage tier for T-Mobile subscribers sounds pleasing, there’s still the issue of its exclusivity to the Uncarrier. It’s unclear if the tier will eventually become available to other Google One users.

T-Mobile says the new option will launch April 26th.