If HBO Max on your Apple TV is bad, an update might fix it

A fresh update promises to improve stability, as well as the user experience, of HBO Max for Apple TV.

I’ve heard a lot of people complain about the HBO Max app and its tendencies to glitch and crash more often than not. It’s especially prevalent on the Apple TV version of the app which has gotten in the way of many users who want to use it during content premieres and other larger events on the platform. Luckily, an update to the app is rolling out now, and HBO says it should fix a lot of its problems.

As reported by Variety, the new version of the HBO Max app will not offer any significant differences visually, but the homepage should be more versatile with a full “My Stuff” experience that displays content on users’ My List and Continue Watching lists. The app is also getting a better “binge mode” experience which will allow you to effortlessly skip the credits.

Variety notes that when HBO Max was initially released, it relied on the code base of both the previous HBO Go and HBO Now apps in order to improve HBO Max’s time-to-market. This seems to be the culprit behind the poor optimization some users have experienced. In the future, that entire code base will eventually be replaced in favor of one that can take better advantage of a certain device’s processing power to deliver a smoother user interface.

Until then, here’s to hoping this new Apple TV update eases user disarray.