Microsoft finally fixes its god-awful default browser changer in Windows 11

It's now much easier to change your default browser in Microsoft's latest OS.

Anyone who’s used Windows 11 likely knows how difficult it is to change their default web browser. The company made it an incredibly difficult process to adjust this setting after dropping the catch all “Set as default” button for alternative browsers you have on your system. Instead, Microsoft wanted you to individually change the default app for file extensions like .HTML and protocol handlers like HTTPS, which is just ridiculous. So it’s fair to say that the latest update for Windows 11 will be one you’ll want to grab as soon as possible.

That’s because Microsoft is putting a stop to this god-awful procedure and is letting users once again to change their default browser with just a couple of clicks. The “Make [browser] your default browser” banner has returned in the “Default apps” section of the Settings app, no longer requiring you to change the default app for various web-based files.

Notably, Microsoft is still letting you set a browser as the default app for individual files allowing you, for example, to set something like Chrome as your default browser and Edge or Firefox as the app for PDFs.

In addition, the latest update for Windows 11 includes the ability to display up to three high-priority toast notifications simultaneously, fixes for OneDrive, and improvements to the Settings app search experience.

Most users should start receiving the latest build KB5011563 in the coming days and weeks.