Biden administration launches amidst push to normalize pandemic

The website comes as the White House readjusts its approach to handling the pandemic.

Photo credit: Jim Watson | AFP | Getty Images
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Finding information on COVID-19 is getting a bit easier. Today, the Biden administration launched a new website under the domain The site serves as a one-stop-shop for information on the pandemic, where you can get a test, what types of treatments are available, and more. It comes the same day President Biden received his fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine (a.k.a. his second booster) and urged Americans to do the same.

The new website offers information on the infection rates in your area, as well as advice for what to do if you’d like to protect yourself. There’s links to free N95 masks and COVID-19 testing kits, information on where you can get tested, and (most notably) info on the new Test-to-Treat program.

Test-to-Treat is available at certain COVID-19 testing locations across the country and will give you a free antiviral treatment for the virus if your test comes back positive. So far, the White House says it’s offering Paxlovid from Pfizer and Molnupiravi from Merck, both treatments in the form of pills.

Notably, all of this information was previously available; it’s just been strung together in a simpler, easier-to-digest hub. “The nation’s medicine cabinet is full of effective treatments, we have free at-home tests, high quality masks, vaccines and boosters all available, so the website brings all these tools together and makes it convenient,” said Jeff Zients, White House COVID response coordinator in an interview with NPR.

If anything, the new website is a clear reflection of the direction Biden and his administration are taking with the US’ approach to COVID-19: make it far less disruptive than it used to be and something that the country learns to live with. A simple website for all the information you need if COVID cases in your area become concerning is a foundational step in that process.