Tile adds anti-stalking tool to its trackers, but it’s not quite like AirTags

Tile's new "Scan and Secure" is rolling out now to all users.

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Tile is responding to the anti-stalking measures Apple has taken with its AirTags by announcing a new feature called Scan and Secure. The feature allows you to use your phone to identify and locate unknown Tile-based trackers that might be around you. However, it’s doesn’t quite work the way you might want it to.

Apple’s implementation of anti-stalking measures with AirTags is simple yet sophisticated: AirTags will make a beeping sound if they’re away from their owner for a significant period of time, and you can scan to find the precise location of unknown AirTags using the Find My app. With Tile’s Scan and Secure, you only get a scanning feature, and it’s by no means as precise.

Photo: Tile

According to Tile, you’ll have to move pretty far away from your current location to use the feature with any accuracy. That way, the scan can identify any mysterious trackers that are moving with you. The full scan will take approximately 10 minutes, according to the company, and it’s even suggested that you don’t use it in crowded places like public transit where numerous unidentified Tile trackers could be located.

Even if you do use the feature, you’ll only be given a general idea of where an unknown tracker is. Apple lets you locate an AirTag down to the last inch thanks to the inclusion of ultra-wideband technology (or UWB). Tile simply doesn’t have that luxury, so it’ll likely be a bit tricker to find a mysterious tracker once it pops up in the app.

That being said, it’s still nice to see Tile add such a feature to its app. AirTags have done nothing but raise red flags for security experts who fear the wrong people might use the Apple accessories for more than just keeping tabs on their keys or backpack. Hopefully, over time, Tile improves its anti-stalking measures to somewhat match what Apple offers.

Scan and Secure is rolling out now to all users on both iOS and Android.