Apple’s iPhone 13 now comes in green

There's a Green iPhone 13 and 13 mini, while the 13 Pro and Pro Max get Alpine Green.

At Apple’s spring events, it tends to release new colors of its products to reignite interest in them. Typically, that marketing ploy is practiced with the iPhone, and this year’s spring event was no different; during its March 8th keynote, Apple unveiled a new green finish for the iPhone 13 series.

iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, now in green

  • The iPhone 13 and 13 mini have gained a new color option: Green. Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max get an Alpine Green finish that’s slightly different due to the materials the phones use.
  • None of the specs on any of the iPhones have been touched – this change is quite literally surface-level.
  • The new color options launch March 18th, with preorders opening this Friday.

Makin’ that green, know what I mean?

Producing green iPhones is a clear cash-grab. I’m not saying a ton of people are gonna go buy an iPhone 13 just because it comes in green, but there will be a few people who do just that. And that’s what these mid-cycle color additions are designed to do for the iPhone: rejuvenate interest in a product that’s half a year old.

These colors will definitely do that, as both of them are quite eye-catching (if not polarizing). The Green iPhone 13 is definitely richer than the Alpine Green of the 13 Pro, but there’s a certain classiness to the Alpine finish thanks to the shiny stainless steel rails and accents. I actually think they look better than the Midnight Green the iPhone 11 Pro came in, but that’s just me.

Other than the new finishes, the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro remain the same spec-wise. You still get excellent Super Retina XDR displays, A15 Bionic processors, stupendous camera systems, and great battery life. The prices will also remain the same, with the family of iPhones starting at $699.

Preorders for the green iPhone 13s are going live this Friday, March 11th. General availability will go live a week later on March 18th.