Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series will come with eSIM support out of the box

Good news for those who like using two separate networks on their phones.

New details about Samsung’s Galaxy S22 line continue to trickle out ahead of its launch on February 25th. One of the latest involves dual-SIM card support which will launch on the S22 out of the box thanks to eSIM.

According to users who have received Galaxy S22 units early (including the folks at XDA), eSIM support is available on the entire S22 lineup straight out of the box. This differs from the S21 series which had to wait for an upgrade to Android 12 for the feature to arrive. Notably, only unlocked versions of the S22 have been examined for eSIM support so far, but it’s likely the feature will be available on carrier-locked models as well.

The appeal of having a second SIM card is so you can connect to two different networks at once. If, for example, one carrier’s service is better than your primary carrier in certain parts of the country you frequently visit, it might come in handy to have both networks available on your phone.

Samsung’s setup process for the eSIM in the S22 is similar to setup procedures on other phones, allowing you to quickly scan a QR code to download the eSIM and activate it through your account. Currently, Samsung doesn’t provide any official list of supported carriers, but it’s probably safe to assume AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile are all supported.