Turns out the Google Pixel 6 is selling really well

Who knew?

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It turns out that Google’s big gamble with the Pixel 6 series is paying off. Alphabet (Google’s parent company) just held its Q4 2021 earnings call and during it, CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed that its Pixel line set an “all-time quarterly sales record.” This comes in spite of the challenges the entire industry has faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in a serious chip shortage.

During the call, Pichai called response to Pixel 6 from customers and carriers was “incredibly positive.” However, details pertaining to the Pixel stopped there as no reason sales figures were provided.

That being said, it’s not hard to imagine that sales are skyrocketing for Google’s Pixel line. The company pledged to go all-in with the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro by increasing its marketing budget to the largest it’s ever had for a Pixel phone, while also signing 45 international carrier deals to increase the retail exposure of the phone. It was also the first Pixel to feature Google’s Tensor processor, a custom chip that enables new AI-based features and technologies. Coupled with a new design, camera system, and price tag, the writing was on the wall for the Pixel line to exceed sales expectations compared to past models.

I just got done reviewing the Pixel 6 Pro and found it to be an excellent phone, despite experiencing some odd software bugs and quirks. I’m glad that it’s getting this amount of attention. I’ve always been a fan of the Pixel line, so it see it finally pick up steam is exciting.