TCL announces updated NXTWear Air glasses with lighter weight and more customization

The company's smart glasses that act as an external monitor get a 2022 refresh at CES.

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Ahead of CES 2022’s official kick-off, TCL has taken the wraps off a new pair of its NXTWear smart glasses called the NXTWear Air. The new glasses aim to improve the overall experience you get with the previous NXTWear G by offering a lighter design and more customization options.

On the outside, the glasses look very similar to their predecessor, but TCL says it’s added different options for the exterior lenses so you don’t have to look like a cyborg when wearing them. And while they still look much thicker than traditional glasses, the overall construction is much lighter, going from 100 grams to 75 grams.

The NXTWear Air stick with the same twin 1080p Micro OLED displays to project the equivalent of a 140-inch screen in front of you, and you still primarily use the glasses as an external monitor for whatever device you’ve plugged them into. That ranges from most PCs and Macs to Android phones and even iPhones (assuming you have the right kind of USB-C cable). TCL also added the ability to answer phone calls while wearing the glasses.

Over Bluetooth, TCL allows you to connect wireless headphones and a game controller for a more immersive experience. Wired headphones are also supported, and the arms of the glasses include loudspeakers.

There’s currently no word on when these glasses will start shipping or for how much, but that information is likely to surface in the near future.