Lenovo announces new Smart Clock Essential with Alexa

The new clock will go on sale this month for $59.99.

Lenovo’s Smart Clock Essential is one of the most accessible ways to adopt the Google Assistant in your home, and now, the company’s doing the same thing for Amazon’s Alexa. At CES 2022, Lenovo is unveiling a new version of the Smart Clock Essential with Alexa built in, along with a couple of accessories to coincide.

The new Smart Clock Essential looks a lot like the Google Assistant version with a slightly tweaked design that stands a bit taller. The bottom of the clock can be docked on one of two accessories: the Ambient Light Dock or the Wireless Charging Dock with Night Light. The former can be customized with various light patterns and visual effects (Lenovo demoed a special mode using wale sounds and a calming blue light in a press briefing), while the latter can be used to wirelessly charge your phone. Both are sold separately.

The Smart Clock Essential sticks with a digital analog interface and lacks any sort of webcam, just like its predecessor. It also continues to show limited information compared to the standard Smart Clock. Lenovo’s inclusion of Alexa means you now get an indicator light at the top of the screen to reflect whether you’ve triggered the assistant, and the 3W speaker should be sufficient in terms of volume.

The speaker also continues to support tap gestures to silence alarms, and there’s still a physical switch to disable the microphone.

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Alexa will go on sale this month for $59.99 and ship in Misty Blue and Clay Red. The Ambient Light Dock will retail for $29.99 and launch sometime in the first quarter of this year.