Nomad introduces a magnetic wireless charging pad for iPhones and AirPods

The new Base Station Hub with Magnetic Alignment is now available for $119.95.

Nomad is one of those companies that continues to impress me with the products they create. I’ve now gone through two of their Modern Leather cases for my phone (one for my iPhone 12 Pro, one for my 13 Pro), and neither of them disappointed me. Now, it looks like the company will begin shipping the wireless charging mat that could convince me to finally buy a wireless charging mat.

The accessory maker has introduced a new version of its Base Station Hub which serves as a central place to charge up to three of your devices wirelessly. It also supports wired charging via the included 18W USB-C and 7.5W USB-A ports. With the new version, Nomad embeds magnets beneath the leather finish so that your MagSafe-compatible devices like the latest iPhones and AirPods will align themselves to ensure optimal charging.

Notably, Nomad only states the new Base Station has “Magnetic Alignment” since the device isn’t officially MagSafe certified. That being said, the entire purpose of the magnets is so MagSafe-equipped devices will have an easier time charging, so you shouldn’t run into any compatibility issues.

I love the idea of a single station where I can charge all of my stuff, but I’ve never been able to find the one that’s right for me. This new Nomad solution might do the trick since a) I’ve been trying to buy more of their stuff and b) my life has been gradually filling up with more and more Apple products.

The new Base Station Hub is available now for $119.95.