Adobe rebrands Spark editing app to Creative Cloud Express

The "new" app is launching today and rolling out to everyone.

Adobe has announced a “new” app it’s calling Creative Cloud Express. I say “new” because it’s not a completely fresh product from the company, but a rebranding of one that didn’t seem to get the attention that it deserved: Spark.

I’ve been using Spark for years, and it’s been great. It’s a simple, straightforward app that lets you create graphics for social media among other things (fliers, brochures, social media profile pictures, you name it). I’m no graphic designer, and it’s simple approach to create something that looks really good in a short amount of time has become invaluable to me. Now, in an effort to draw users, Adobe has decided to call it Creative Cloud Express.

The pitch is a bundle of some of the most important features users want from other applications like graphics, stock photos, layers, and video editing editing and presented in a simplified environment that anyone can adapt to.

“Everyone has a story to tell and it’s our mission to empower everyone to express their ideas,” said Scott Belsky, chief product officer and executive vice president of Creative Cloud at Adobe. “In this unique time, where millions of people are building a personal and professional brand, we’re excited to launch Creative Cloud Express as a simple, template-based tool that unifies the creation, collaboration and sharing process so anyone can create with ease.”

Creative Cloud Express uses the same technologies present in apps like Photoshop and Premiere while also not making it difficult for virtually anyone to achieve what they strive create. You’ll have access to 20,000 premium Adobe fonts and 175 million royalty-free licensed Adobe Stock images, AI-powered Quick Actions to do things like removing backgrounds in photos, pre-designed templates, integration with your Creative Cloud library, and more. Some of those features will require you to subscribe to the full version of the app for $9.99/month. (Notably, those with existing Adobe subscriptions might get it included with their plan.)

There are a few new tools onboard compared to Spark, but the rest of it will feel instantly familiar to anyone who used it in the past. The UI has received a bit of an update, though, so there could be a learning curve if you weren’t well-versed in Spark.

Adobe is launching Creative Cloud Express today and is updating the Spark app to reflect the new branding. You can read the full release notes for the update below.