Google’s first Pixel Watch might finally arrive in 2022, according to new reports

The time may have finally come where we'll get to see a Google-branded smartwatch.

Google has been consistently rumored for the past few years to be developing its own smartwatch, often referred to as the Pixel Watch. It seems like we get the “Google’s first smartwatch is officially on its way!” headline at least twice a year, and both times it’s proven to be incorrect. Now, another pair of reports is suggesting that the watch is in development at Google and could finally see an official release in 2022.

Both Business Insider and The Verge are reporting that the Pixel Watch is on its way. The watch will have all the standard smartwatch features like a heart rate monitor and fitness integration. It’ll likely run on Google’s Wear OS 3.0, the company’s latest version of its smartwatch operating system engineered in conjunction with Samsung. So far, the software has only ever appeared on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

The Pixel Watch would be positioned like past Pixel and Nexus phones were: as an example of what Google’s software is capable of on a smartwatch. It’ll be priced competitively with the Apple Watch which it’ll reportedly target to try and steal marketshare from. It’s also not being built by Fitbit which Google acquired back in 2019 for $2.1 billion. Instead, it’s being developed by Google’s own hardware team, which seems to indicate that the company is serious about having a fully Google-branded watch.

This news will sound reassuring for those who have been waiting for Google to make a smartwatch. Back in 2017, the company almost had its own branded smartwatches thanks to the LG Watch and Watch Sport. However, Rick Osterloh, the company’s hardware chief, didn’t like the way they looked and refused to put the Google logo on them. So instead of flat-out calling them Google Watches, the company said they were developed in partnership with LG.

That was the only known time that we nearly got Google watches, and the rumor mill surrounding a proper Pixel Watch has been spinning nonstop ever since. Maybe this time, the reports will be true and we’ll finally get to see what Google’s capable of in the wearable market come 2022. I’ll be following this story closely, so stay tuned for developments.