The Nothing Ear (1) earbuds are getting a translucent black finish on December 13th

They'll still cost the same $99 and offer ANC, 5.7 hours of battery life, and 11.6mm drivers.

The one set of earbuds that I wished I reviewed this year was Nothing’s first hardware product, the Ear (1)s. These headphones look nothing like traditional buds, with their transparent plastic design and clear case. I’ve also heard that they sound pretty good and have decent battery life. With today’s news, I might have to pick up a pair sooner than later because they’ll soon be available in a really sick looking black finish.

Nothing has confirmed that it’ll begin shipping the Ear (1) earbuds with black tips and a darker translucent stem on December 13th. The finish will live alongside the original white model. The darker tone gives the earbuds a more sinister and sophisticated appearance, and even the case will get a taste of the dark side to complete the look.

Other than the fresh paint job, nothing (pun definitely intended) else is changing. You’ll still get the same IPX4-rated earbuds with 11.6mm drivers, up to 5.7 hours of battery on a full charge, active noise cancellation, high-def mics, and more. They’ll also cost the same at $99.

The other big piece of news from Nothing is its leveling of its carbon footprint with the Ear (1) buds. The company says it’s now carbon neutral, as certified by SGS. It’s also begun taking payments for its earbuds in cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USD Coin (USDC), and Dogecoin (DOGE) supported.

Between the two, I’m probably picking the black ones if I were to buy them. They just look cooler, at least in Nothing’s renders. Maybe it’s time that I give these buds a go.