Apple is reportedly set to release a new iPhone SE in early 2022

TrendForce says expect a third-gen iPhone SE in the first quarter of next year.

Apple’s next iPhone SE looks to be going in early 2022. TrendForce has reported that the Cupertino company is gearing up to launch its next budget iPhone in the first quarter of next year, lining up with previous iPhone SE launches dating back to 2016. The report also indicates the device will ship with 5G, a first for Apple’s cheaper iPhone line.

Though TrendForce doesn’t go into detail as to what we can expect, previous rumors indicate the new iPhone SE will come with an A15 Bionic processor just like the iPhone 13 line. It’ll stick with the same design as the iPhone SE from 2020, which means the iPhone 6’s 4.7-inch LCD display and Touch ID-oriented design will see new life a whopping eight years after it debuted. TrendForce says Apple is forecasted to sell around 25-30 million units to help bolster the growth of the mid-range 5G phone market.

The report also indicates Apple’s had strong global smartphone sales this year, bumping the company up to second place in overall rankings. In 2022, the company is expected to further its accomplishments with even better sales.

We’re around three and a half months away from when we’ll likely see the new iPhone SE if TrendForce’s reporting is to be believed. There will be plenty of news between now and then, so stay tuned.