Apple reportedly still wants AirPower to happen

The company is still working on some sort of "multi-device charger" that will eventually come out.

Apple isn’t giving up on developing a gadget that can wirelessly charge all of your devices at once. The company is reportedly still working on some alternative version of AirPower, a failed execution of Apple’s vision of a single wireless charger that can juice up the devices you use on the go. Mark Gurman via his Power On newsletter says he presumes Apple is continuing work on a “multi-device charger that it intends to eventually release.”

What that device will look and function like is unclear. With AirPower, Apple promised to let you charge your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch simply by setting them all down on the single mat. After a lot of engineering work to try and perfect its design, the company ultimately failed to deliver the product which had already been announced live and onstage during its iPhone X launch in 2017.

Gurman doesn’t go into detail as to when this new device will come out or how similar it will be to AirPower, but all signs point to Apple eventually delivering on its original promise of a single charger for all of your devices.

In addition, Gurman says Apple is working on a short and long distance wireless charger which will let you charge your devices without having to set them down on a pad. Apple is also working on a way to pass a charge around your devices (similar to how reverse wireless charging works now, expect through the air and not inductive). This would allow you to charge your iPad while also charging your iPhone, which would be charging your Apple Watch or AirPods. This future sounds like it’s pretty far off, and Gurman doesn’t indicate any sort of timeline for its release. We’ll have to be patient and see if it actually pans out.