Will Samsung actually kill the Galaxy Note in 2022?

ET News says it's dying next year, but previous reports seem to contradict that.

If you’re a gadget enthusiast and still in denial that Samsung will actually kill off one of its most popular smartphone lineups, you won’t appreciate the latest out of ET News.

A new report out of the Korean site (via 9to5Google) says that Samsung will not only end production of the Galaxy Note 20 series next year, but also won’t produce a new Note at any point in 2022. This seems to indicate that, as expected, Samsung is done with the Galaxy Note and will instead focus on implementing the device’s features in other devices.

This has been evident for some time now. Samsung first brought the S Pen to a phone outside the Galaxy Note earlier this year with the S21 Ultra, selling the stylus as a separate accessory. They did the same thing with the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but neither phone replicated the experience you get with a Note given the lack of storage for the stylus on either device. Still, it seems the company is fine with a more cumbersome experience for its S Pen over simply providing a new Galaxy Note for those who want it.

I’ve gotta be honest, that decision bewilders me. Despite coming out in 2020, the Galaxy Note 20 series still managed to sell over three million units this year. That indicates there’s still a reasonable amount of demand for a Galaxy Note, and fans aren’t alone in their desire.

Back in September, Fierce Wireless reported that T-Mobile CFO Peter Osvaldik wasn’t happy with Samsung’s supply chain efforts, pointing out that the lack of the Galaxy Note (a device “many of our customers just loved’) was affecting their customer base. “Samsung has really fallen behind the eight ball relative to other OEMs on the global supply chain issue,” Osvaldik said.

What’s even more confusing is Samsung CEO DJ Koh’s comments this past March, “confirming” that a new Note would come out in 2022. At this point, it’s looking more anymore likely that the Note will die off come next year, but the evidence that Samsung is feeling pressure to release another Note and at least thinking about dropping another one won’t go unchecked in the long-term.

To meet customer demand, Samsung might release a foldable phone with an S Pen slot. We’ve heard that rumor before, but it’s never panned out to an actual device you can go and buy. Samsung could also just stick an S Pen inside a Galaxy S device and call it a day, but that seems unlikely.

Regardless of Samsung’s decision, it seems that the most obvious thing to do is somehow duplicate the Galaxy Note experience and bring it to market. Otherwise, people will have to witness the death of what’s become a beloved smartphone line without any clear explanation as to why.