If you thought the Pixel 6 wasn’t gonna leak, you’d be wrong

New press renders and an alleged assembly video are revealing more about the Pixel 6 than Google likely wants.

I doubt there were many of you who believed Google’s efforts this year to get ahead of Pixel 6 leaks were going to work. No matter what the company does, it seems their new smartphones leak out in extensive detail every single year, well before they’re ever announced. The same goes for this year’s revamped Pixel 6 series, which has done nothing but leak all over the place this week.

Press renders, anyone?

Evan Blass published a Twitter thread on Thursday morning which shares various press renders of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. Given how a lot of them have transparent backgrounds, it’s likely they came from Google’s upcoming landing page for the Pixel 6.

These images don’t show off anything we didn’t already know about the design of the Pixel 6. Google told us what it would look like back in August, and it even confirmed it would be running its new Tensor SoC. What the company didn’t tell us was the fact the devices would be waterproof (as demonstrated by the renders above), although that was implied given how these will be flagships in 2021.

Blass also shared images of an unreleased version of the Pixel Stand, Google’s wireless charger for its smartphones. It seems to have taken on a more angular design, but it’s not clear what new features it might include.

In addition, the Pixel 6 will get a set of new cases which won’t be fabric this time around. The image above claims to show off a case for the Pixel 6 that just makes it look like a thicker version of itself.

One more render I’d like to highlight is this one. In it, the megapixel counts for the rear cameras seem to be confirmed, with the main shooter finally getting a meaningful boost to 50MP. Meanwhile, the ultra-wide will remain at 12MP, while the telephoto goes up to 48MP.

A leaked teardown… that doesn’t exist anymore

Following Blass’ heavy leak on Twitter, someone on YouTube leaked a video of the assembly of the Pixel 6 Pro. This was the original link, but the video doesn’t appear to be live anymore. It demonstrated how employees were to put the Pixel 6 Pro together using adhesives, various lubricants, screws, and more. If the video gets re-uploaded somewhere safe, I’ll update this article.

More and more wallpapers

Another tradition when it comes to upcoming Pixel phones (and Android phones in general) is the time when new device-exclusive wallpapers start showing up. XDA-Developers has been publishing a lot of them, and they just recently published another collection.

10 days and counting

As of today, we’re 10 days away from seeing the Google Pixel 6 series officially. That gives potential leakers plenty of time to publish their findings and generate some chaotic headlines, so stay tuned for that. Until then, just keep in mind that what you hear on the internet isn’t always true, as highlighted by recent product launches like this one.