Did Apple’s iPhone 14 leak?

The internet went ablaze earlier today when Jon Prosser over at FrontPageTech published a huge leak in which he claims to have surfaced the iPhone 14 Pro Max. We’re now less than a week away from seeing the iPhone 13 officially, so you’re right to be skeptical of this “leak.”

At first glance, the leaks seem like they could be legit. We’ve heard in the past from sources like Ming-Chi Kuo that Apple will switch up the sizes of the iPhone 14 lineup to have two 6.1-inch models and two 6.7-inch Max models, while the notch could go away entirely and be replaced by a hole-punch selfie camera. Today, Prosser shared renders of the upcoming device that fit this criteria. He claims that they’re based on an iPhone 14 Pro Max he’s seen pictures of, but chose not to publish to protect his source.

If you’re familiar with past iPhones at all, you’ll recognize the iPhone 4-esque design language being used here. Round volume buttons, a titanium frame, and flush camera sensors are on full display. The Lightning port remains the same, and the speaker grilles are completely different with pill-shaped cutouts instead of a handful of holes.

These renders are flashy, sexy, and will make just about anyone excited for the iPhone 14 before Apple even has a chance to tell you about the iPhone 13. But the question that’s on a lot people’s minds is one that’s worth basing this whole article on: did the iPhone 14 actually leak?

It’s incredibly early for any sort of iPhone 14 rumors. Usually, I’ll tell people to be extremely skeptical of any leaks about the next iPhone 10 months before it comes out. At this point, we’re at least a full year (maybe more) away from the iPhone 14 seeing the light of day. For Prosser to publish these renders and claim they depict the iPhone 14 is ballsy, to say the least.

I’m not questioning his authenticity or track record, nor am I bashing him for publishing the renders in the first place. However, I am cautioning anyone who sees them to take a huge grain of salt with them. There’s a very good chance the actual iPhone 14 will look completely different given how long we have to wait for it to come out.

Enjoy these renders everyone, and stay tuned because we’ll likely find out if they’re accurate at all over the year to come.